Fruits, Yoghurt & Cheese

50 Youghurt

(Fresh fruits in thick yogurt gives you a delicious and healthy start for the day.)

• Apples,cubed 2 large

• Muskmelon,cubed 1/2 medium

• Bananas,cubed 2 large

• Pears,cubed 2 large

• Plums,pitted 3-4

• Sweet lime,sliced , pitted 2

• Honey 2-3 tablespoons

• Thick yogurt 1 1/2 cups

• Cream cheese 1/2 cup

• Strawberry crush 2 tablespoons

• Sweet biscuits 5-6

• Prunes 8-10


Mix together fruits and honey in a bowl. Whisk the thick yogurt in another bowl. Add cream cheese and strawberry crush. Crush sweet biscuits in a mortar with pestle. Add to yogurt mixture keeping aside a little for garnishing. Take a stemmed glass. Fill partly with fruits and add a few prunes. Top with yogurt mixture. Arrange another layer of fruits topped with yogurt mixture. Garnish with a prune or a plum and sprinkle crushed biscuits.

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